About Us

Renjoy was founded by Michael Vialpando, Luke Rzepiennik, and Jacob Mueller, three compatriots who share a passion for short term rentals, real estate investing, and financial independence. After hosting our own listings through companies like Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, and others (with great success), we recognized the need for comprehensive but flexible management services for others.

With financial independence, we can make the journey to life’s richness something more than buying and consuming. Investing in real estate is a great way to keep growing yourself every day – not just with money, but knowledge too! Let us help you experience even greater joys beyond what simply spending has offered.

Our Mission: To help people achieve financial freedom through real estate, specifically through short term rentals.

Renjoy Owners

The Renjoy Story

Three friends named Michael, Luke, and Jacob decided to purchase a property together. They had been hosting their own listings on various vacation rental platforms like Airbnb, VRBO, Booking.com, etc. The experience was transformative, as they witnessed first-hand the potential of short-term rentals to provide not only a steady income stream but also a path to financial freedom.

During the purchasing process, the question of who would manage the property was discussed. Given each of them had experience managing their own short term rental properties, there was no clear choice.

Then it occurred to them, they could combine portfolios and manage under a single entity, they could all achieve greater economies of scale and run their respective properties more efficiently.

As their own properties succeeded, some other owners approached them for comprehensive management services. Thus, Renjoy was created.

They quickly discovered most professional short term rental property management companies were lacking in quality or services or both. Time and again homeowners approached them about previous experiences and if Renjoy would be different. Given their track record, the future was very bright.

Renjoy is more than just a company; it’s a belief. Michael, Luke, and Jacob firmly believe our society can flourish best through the personal growth that comes from individuals seeking financial independence.

The commitment to knowledge and growth is ingrained in Renjoy’s DNA. Renjoy offers workshops, webinars, and resources to property owners, empowering them to learn and grow alongside their investments. The company became a beacon of support and inspiration for real estate enthusiasts who sought not just passive income but also a sense of fulfillment and achievement.

Today, Renjoy is a team of dedicated individuals sharing the founders’ passion for hospitality and genuine care for customers. Employing cutting-edge technology and innovative strategies to optimize bookings, pricing, and guest experiences. Every decision is made with the goal of not only achieving financial success for the property owners but also ensuring guests have unforgettable stays.

Why Renjoy is the Real Estate Choice

Premium Revenue

Renjoy’s technology and expertise help property owners optimize rental pricing using real-time market data, competitor analysis, and other key factors. Daily analysis and algorithmic pricing ensure maximum rental investment and competitive pricing that attracts tenants. With Renjoy’s tools, owners stay ahead of the competition and generate premium revenue.

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Owners Helping Owners

We provide short term Property Management and Real Estate Brokerage services with an ownership mindset. As owners/investors ourselves, we know many of the concerns our clients have or might have. Our entire company is devoted to solving the problems that come from owning real estate!

Inspiration to Independence

We use real estate as a platform for achieving financial independence. Using our experience, we come alongside our clients and help them understand how to build long-term wealth and overcome both internal and external obstacles. Sometimes we all need a little inspiration on our way to financial independence!

Join Our Team!

If you’re looking for a dynamic and fast-paced work environment, with a focus on delivering premium revenue and helping owners achieve financial freedom, then Renjoy could be the perfect fit for you.