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Luke Rzepiennik, Co-Founder & Head of Operations

Luke is an experienced team manager, avid real estate investor and dedicated Short Term Rental host. He has passions for travel and for helping others grow along their financial journey. Short term rentals provide the opportunity to bring these two passions together. After staying in Airbnb’s across the world, Luke and his wife were eager to provide visitors to their hometown of Colorado Springs with unparalleled service and experiences. Luke has spent recent years developing and honing this quality of service and is now excited to bring his expertise to others through his role as an owner and manager of Renjoy.

Michael Vialpando, Co-Founder & Head of Systems

Michael is a results-driven real estate investor, serial house hacker, and automation aficionado who empowers others to achieve financial freedom through the lucrative world of short-term rentals. With an engineering background and deep expertise in AI and cutting-edge revenue management strategies, he optimizes listings, orchestrates dynamic pricing, and relentlessly experiments to unlock the full profit potential of every property he touches.

Beyond his passion for real estate, Michael is a devoted husband and father of two beautiful girls. When he’s not transforming properties into cash-flowing machines, you can find him enjoying a cold IPA with his friends on a sun-drenched patio.


Jacob Mueller, Co-Founder & CEO

Jacob is an experienced real estate investor and professional with a demonstrated history across several industries including real estate, marketing, and software. Having grown up in the Pikes Peak region, he currently serves his clients’ investment real estate needs by helping to analyze and locate deals that meet their long-term financial goals. With over a decade of experience in the field with both residential and commercial properties, Jacob now works as a licensed broker and owner of Renjoy.

He believes the greatest challenge facing real estate investment is perception and patience. Because of this, Jacob seeks to help others break the wealth gap with knowledge and accountability. He advises sound fundamentals that help resolve fears and promote growth and change.

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Our Investors-Agents

Ryan Thomson, Investor-Agent

Working with house hackers and short-term rental investors in Colorado Springs. I am an investor and real estate agent focusing on ways to maximize cash flow in Colorado Springs. The two main things I focus on are House Hacking and Airbnb/Short Term Rentals.

My Story: I worked low-income Social Work jobs for 7 years after college. I am driven by a desire to help people. I bought a house in year 7, converted a garage into an Airbnb, and rented out 3 rooms and the garage for a gross average of $3600 a month on a $1500/month mortgage. The fire was lit. I now own four properties in Colorado Springs and help guide investors on their similar journeys


Tanner Pile, Investor-Agent

Tanner Pile is an experienced investor who got his start through house hacking after getting a degree in finance at Colorado State University-Pueblo. With a background in construction and a growing real estate portfolio, Tanner aims to help others create wealth and financial freedom through real estate investing.

Tanner has many outdoor hobbies such as skiing, soccer, and golf. He is an avid reader on business and real estate books to stay educated on building a quality rental portfolio.

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